Saint Asonia are digging a little deeper into their upcoming self-titled debut disc. The band has unleashed a new song called "Let Me Live My Life" two weeks ahead of their album street date, and there's a lyric video to go along with the track as well.

The track gets going Corey Lowery's bass licks before giving way to a swinging drum and guitar combination from Rich Beddoe and Mike Mushok before Adam Gontier's vocals kick in. As for the lyrical content, it's a gut punch of a song with the vocalist belting lyrics like, "Let me live my life / I can go get my knife / Or I can pull out the one you stuck in my back" and "My pain is your entertainment." The song also features some nifty mid-song riffing from Mushok.

"Let Me Live My Life" is the third song unveiled from the band's self-titled debut, following on the heels of the current single "Better Place" and the track "Blow Me Wide Open." Incidentally, the three tracks are also the first three songs on the album.

In a recent interview, Mushok stated, “I’m super proud of the way the record came out. I think it definitely exceeded what we were trying to accomplish; we definitely did it. I mean, the record kind of runs the gamut — there’s some pretty heavy stuff, and there’s a couple of songs on there that are just beautiful songs.”

You can currently pre-order Saint Asonia's debut disc via iTunes, Amazon and Google Play if you like what you hear. Look for the supergroup hitting the road for their first extended touring shortly. Dates can be found here.