We got a song premiere from another new band that deserves your attention. Hailing from Iowa, progressive hard rock / metal band Saul aim to connect people through music, and we're proud to help the cause by premiering their awesome new track, 'The Touching of Parallels.'

Saul have been constantly growing since releasing their 'Embrace the Rain' EP in 2010. The Iowa act has been developing a respectable fan base ever since, with Saul's 'The Touching of Parallels' EP acting as the group's latest and arguably most impressive release to date.

The EP's title track instantly showcases a heavy influence from Tool, emulating the iconic act instead of plagiarizing. 'The Touching of Parallels' is the sonic embodiment of Saul's unity message. "Rise: a degree of elevation, Equals: not above or below but eye to eye. These words are bringing people together in hordes due to it's power and realization of achievement," Saul explain on their Facebook page. "You're only as good as your word is fine, but they believe you are only as good as the deeds you perform. Connect with people and help the world succeed in all facets. We are more than brothers, closer than enemies, stay loyal as one, and 'Rise as Equals.'"

'The Touching of Parallels' is a five-minute trip that lures in the listener from its first note. The track's vocal performance is very impressive, complementing instrumental parts with a great understanding of craftsmanship. Saul have truly found their tone with 'The Touching of Parallels' as well, thanks in part to producer / engineer Mike Brown of Lava Room Studios.

If you like your music profound, gripping and heavy while palatable, lend your ears to Saul's 'The Touching of Parallels' in the audio player below! To grab a copy of Saul's 'The Touching of Parallels' EP, click here.

Saul, 'The Touching of Parallels'