Seasons After are back with the latest single, "Weathered and Worn," from their Calamity Scars & Memoirs disc. The band has teamed with Loudwire to premiere the new lyric video for the deeply personal song that can be seen above.

"I wrote a song trying to express my absolute confusion with the deeper things in life," says singer Tony Housh. "I imagined dying and becoming conscious in another life -- a sort of spiritual realm so to speak. I found myself standing before this great and powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-loving God. As I stand before this being it addresses me saying, 'Tony' which I answer in a trembling voice filled with fear and confusion, 'Yes?' The being asks, "What do you have to say in defense of your life and your loss of faith in my son?" I reply screaming from the depths of all that I am, 'How could I have seen what my life would be?
 How could I have known your watching over me? 
How could I have tried spiritual suicide? 
How did I end up alone? 
Weathered and worn.'"

He continues, "This song is my plea if and when I reach that courtroom of judgment, this song would be my reply in the event that I stand before a great creator of the universe and discover I was wrong. A reply of great fear and confusion."

As stated, "Weathered and Worn" is featured on the band's Calamity Scars and Memoirs disc. If you like the single, it's currently available at iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. If you'd like to pick up the Calamity Scars and Memoirs album, it is available via iTunes, Amazon and at such retailers as Best Buy and FYE. Look for Seasons After on tour at these locations.