Sebastian Bach is moving on up to a deeeluxe apartment in the sky! Well, not really, but he pretended like he was for a few minutes onstage when he tore through the theme song of '70s sitcom 'The Jeffersons.' He also rocked another '70s sitcom theme song, so for a few minutes, Bach teleported to another era via music and theme songs!

'The Jeffersons' had a super memorable theme song about upward mobility. Bach had his way with the tune while performing on Friday, May 11. He had fun singing it, and so did the crowd, who sang along. Bach even said at the end of his impromptu rendition, "Someone, please put that up on YouTube tomorrow." His wish was granted, as you can see below.

Bach also sang part of the 'WKRP in Cincinnati' theme song, as well. But it wasn't nearly as fun as 'The Jeffersons,' with his soaring, siren-like voice owning that song.

He tweeted out the link to the footage and wrote: "Had some serious fun onstage last night! Jammed on the Theme songs to WKRP In Cincinnati & The Jeffersons!"

We had fun watching it, that's for sure. Maybe Bach should put out an album of reimagined late '70s and early '80s sitcom theme songs. There are so many classic anthems that he could put his signature stamp on. He could modernize them, too.

Watch Sebastian Bach Perform 'The Jeffersons' and 'WKRP in Cincinnati' Theme Songs