It's time to get familiar with Walking With Giants, a new outfit formed by singer / guitarist Gary Noon. It's one thing to start a band with the idea that it be influenced by two of your favorite rock acts, but it's quite another to actually land players from both of those bands to fill out the group. As such, Noon recorded Walking With Giants debut disc Worlds Unknown flanked by Sevendust's Morgan Rose and Clint Lowery and Alter Bridge bassist Brian Marshall.

The foursome got together over the summer to record the album, which will be released Jan. 15 by Noon's own Walking With Giants, LLC Records. To get a taste of the new music, check out the video for "Heavy Hand" in the player above, while a lyric video for "Different Voice" can be found below.

Noon's initial intent was to form a tribute band that saluted Sevendust and Alter Bridge. But through an introduction via a mutual friend, he eventually met Sevendust's Clint Lowery and they formed a musical bond. That led to a self-titled EP release in 2013 that featured Alter Bridge's Scott Phillips on drums. Eventually, Phillips' Alter Bridge cohort Brian Marshall was brought into the fold and the band began to take shape.

Noon wants to take Walking With Giants on the road, utilizing a myriad of players, but keeping the core foursome from the Worlds Unknown sessions intact.

Look for Worlds Unknown in stores Jan. 15 and check out the track listing below. You can pre-order the disc in a variety of formats at the band's website.

Walking With Giants, "Different Voice"

Walking With Giants, Worlds Unknown Track Listing

1. "Worlds Unknown Part 1"
2. "Broken Truth"
3. "Back To Life"
4. "Bound"
5. "Heavy Hand"
6. "Endless Road"
7. "The Now"
8. "Guilty One"
9. "Different Voice"
10. "Solid Ground"
11. "Worlds Unknown Part 2"
12. "Crashing Down (Acoustic)" [Deluxe Edition]
13. "Another Life (Acoustic)" [Deluxe Edition]
14. "Worlds Unknown" [Deluxe Edition]