Sharon Osbourne recently offered up her knowledge of the ongoing drama between Bill Ward and Black Sabbath, as well as an outlook on guitarist Tony Iommi's bout with Lymphoma.

Whenever there is any bad news in the realm of Ozzy Osbourne, the Ozzman's better half usually shoulders a good portion of the blame (whether it's warranted or not). That was again the case with the current contract dispute threatening the Black Sabbath reunion. Many believed Sharon Osbourne had a hand in the "unsignable contract" presented to drummer Bill Ward but as she has previously stated, she does not manage Black Sabbath and cannot hire or fire any of the members.

While Ward continues to hold out until he is presented with a deal that "reflects some dignity and respect" towards him as an original member of the band, Sabbath's continued work on the new album without him has sparked rumors that he has already been replaced. "I honestly don't know. It's all up in the air," Sharon Osbourne told Artisan News in regards to the rumors. "The one thing for sure is that Sabbath are in the studio with Rick Rubin and they are going on tour. That's all I know."

Another situation that cast the familiar shadow of doubt on the long-awaited Black Sabbath reunion was guitarist Tony Iommi's recent Lymphoma diagnosis. Aside from the movement of recording sessions to the U.K., the unfortunate news has yet to cause any major setbacks. Despite the seriousness of the disease, Sharon says, "Tony is doing brilliantly well."