Sick Puppies recently filmed a special show for the Walmart Risers concert series and took the time to answer some questions from various media outlets, including Loudwire. We asked each band member to name their favorite songs off their new album 'Connect,' and they did just that in the video below.

Drummer Mark Goodwin digs the first single 'There's No Going Back' and the track 'Gunfight,' while bassist Emma Anzai cites the song 'Healing Now' as her favorite, explaining that she emulated Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea in her playing style on that tune. Meanwhile, frontman Shim Moore names the title track off 'Connect' as his personal favorite cut right now.

Fans can check out Sick Puppies' Walmart Risers performance here, and our very own exclusive photos of that gig here. You can also pick up Sick Puppies' new album, 'Connect' at iTunes. Check out Sick Puppies talking about their favorite songs off the album below:

Sick Puppies Tell Loudwire Their Favorite Songs:

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