Author Ray Bradbury passed away Tuesday night (June 5) at the age of 91. Bradbury’s daughter confirmed the death but did not comment any further on the cause. Today, rockers Slash and Shinedown have offered their tributes to Bradbury via Twitter.

Bradbury was best known for his book 'Fahrenheit 451' among his works of science fiction, horror and fantasy. His resume runs deep consisting of novels, anthologies and short stories that span his massive and celebrated career.

He also had many of his creative works spun into film and television adaptations in the early ‘50s showing up on shows like ‘Tales of Tomorrow’ and ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents.' Ironically enough, Bradbury didn’t refer to himself as a science fiction author, often shrugging off the title and considering himself more of a writer of fantasy or a “hybrid” author, according to USA Today.

Among his many accolades throughout his career, Bradbury received a Pulitzer Prize in 2007, an Emmy Award for his play ‘The Halloween Tree’ and an Academy Award nomination for the animated film ‘Icarus Motgolfier Wright.'

While the connection between Bradbury and rock 'n' roll might not be a direct hit, a few rock acts have taken to Twitter to share their memories about the master of fantasy. Slash called him one of his favorite authors as a kid and Shinedown remarked on his meaningful contributions to the genre and his gift for story-telling. See their full Tweets below.

According to reports, Bradbury, who was sidelined by a stroke and had to use a wheelchair, continued to write every day of his life, right to the very end - something we can all draw a bit of inspiration from.

Slash and Shinedown Tweet About the Passing of Ray Bradbury: