Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash recently returned to his British hometown of Stoke-on-Trent to perform a concert where he lived under the name Saul Hudson until he was five years old, and tickets to the show sold out in less than two hours. Thankfully, the cameras were rolling when he hit the stage and fans not lucky enough to be on hand for the gig can experience the night for themselves.

Due out Nov. 15, a DVD and Blu-ray release titled ‘Made In Stoke - 24/7/11’ will capture Slash’s July 24 performance at the 1,500 capacity Victoria Hall. The 21-song set spanned the guitar god’s illustrious career, with songs from GN’R, his Slash’s Snakepit solo act, Velvet Revolver and his 2010 self-titled solo album all making appearances.

Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy handled lead vocal duties most of the night, with Slash touring bassist Todd Kern taking over for the tune 'Doctor Alibi.' (Kennedy will serve as the main vocalist on Slash's upcoming second solo album.) The evening also saw Slash turn in a monster guitar solo that featured music from the theme to ‘The Godfather.’

"I've been wanting to do this for a long time and for some reason it just never seemed possible," Slash, who was touring in support of the 'Slash' solo album, told BBC News at the time of his gig.

"One of the things about doing the solo record and setting up my own tour was that I told the powers-that-be that I wanted to play in places I'd never played before. And so Stoke was something that was high on my list and I told them just make it happen."

Set List from Slash's 'Made in Stoke' Concert:

1. 'Been There Lately'
2. 'Nightrain'
3. 'Ghost'
4. 'Mean Bone'
5. 'Back From Cali'
6. 'Rocket Queen'
7. 'Civil War'
8. 'Nothing To Say'
9. 'Promise'
10. 'Starlight'
11. 'Doctor Alibi'
12. 'Speed Parade'
13. 'Watch This'
14. 'Beggars & Hangers-On'
15. 'Patience'
16. Guitar Solo / Godfather Theme
17. 'Sweet Child O' Mine'
18. 'Slither'


19. 'By The Sword'
20. 'Mr. Brownstone'
21. 'Paradise City'