Former Guns N' Roses guitar ace Slash talked about his upcoming solo album yesterday during an official ribbon-cutting ceremony for GuitarGuitar. The largest guitar store in the U.K. opened its new flagship store in Epson, Surrey, yesterday (Sept. 15.).

Slash was there mixing business with pleasure as he debuted his new Dunlop signature wah-wah pedal to a crowd that lined up around the block waiting for him. spent some time getting the skinny from Slash who also divulged some info on the status of his next solo release. According to Slash, things are well under way. "We actually haven't started recording, but we've been in pre-production," reveals Slash. "We're about nine songs in, as far as that goes. And when I get back from England tomorrow, we'll go in and do another 12 songs. And we start actually recording late October.”

Slash’s first solo release in 2010 was a self-titled number that featured collaborations with all walks of musical life from Ozzy Osbourne to Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas to M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold. When it came time to tour in support of the album, Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy took over all vocal duties.

For Slash's new album, Kennedy will be singing all of the tunes. “This is a record with Myles singing in the entire thing," explains Slash. "And also Brent Fitz's playing drums and Todd Kerns is playing bass." Both Fitz and Kerns were part of Slash’s touring band in 2010.

Sound-wise, Slash described the new material as “very hard." He elaborated with, "Some of it's very heavy. It's got sort of a more unified sound to it, especially with one vocal all throughout."

Slash's has tapped producer Eric Valentine again for this new recording.