In August 2010, Slash and Perla Ferrar, his wife of nearly a decade at the time, went through a rocky patch during which Slash filed for divorce. The former Guns N' Roses guitarist seemed destined to have two failed unions on his marriage resume.

However, the pair weren't apart for long, reconciling two months later. Now, the relationship looks to be stronger than ever, as Slash tweeted on Monday night (Aug. 15) that he and Ferrar will renew their vows. Even rockers like Slash are romantic!

Slash's tweet read as follows: "Perla & I are renewing our vows later this month in early celebration of our 10 year anniversary. Which is really in Oct. Iii|; )"

Perhaps this renewal of vows is just another reason for Slash and the wife to throw an end-of-summer party and to have a good time? Whatever the case, congrats to the couple on reaching this marriage milestone.

Slash and Ferrar are the parents of two sons: London, who will be 9 later this month, and Cash, 7. The axe slinger also credits Ferrar with being the driving force which helped him get (and stay) sober, as well.

Even though the couple are renewing their vows, Slash and Ferrar are looking to make a big change in their lives. They've put their Beverly Hills mansion on the market.

Slash was previously wed to model Renee Suran. They got hitched in 1992 but divorced in 1997.