All 21 songs from Slash's upcoming live double-disc solo album, 'Made in Stoke 24/7/11,' are streaming on (see link below).

The discs include seven 'Guns N' Roses classics ('Night Train,' 'Rocket Queen,' 'Civil War,' 'Patience' and  'Paradise City,' 'Mr. Brownstone,' 'Sweet Child O' Mine') as well as tunes from Velvet Revolver ('Slither,' 'Get Out the Door'), Slash's Snakepit and Slash's 2010 self-titled solo album. 'Made in Stone 24/7/11' was recorded on July 24, 2011 at Victoria Hall in Stoke on Trent, England, the town where he was raised until age five. A three-disc version featuring a DVD of the show is also available.

The Stoke concert featured 21 songs performed by Slash, Alter Bridge vocalist Myles Kennedy on vocals, bassist Todd Kerns, drummer Brent Fitz and guitarist Bobby Schneck. The same musicians are currently working with Slash on his next solo album.

"I learned way back in March of 2010, when we did our first show at the Roxy, [and even] before that, when we were rehearsing, there was something that clicked with those guys," Slash tells Rolling Stone. "It was just always a lot of fun, and I decided that’s who I wanted to do the record with."

So far, the group has recorded three songs and plan to track 14 more in December and January when Kennedy gets back from touring with Alter Bridge.

"On the last record, creatively it was pretty open-ended. This one is very diverse, but it’s one band," Slash adds. "It rocks really hard. There are some cool epic songs and a couple... more bluesy tunes. It just covers a lot."

Slash is eyeing an April 2012 for the release for the disc.

Click Here to Stream the Full Slash Live Album 'Made in Stoke 24/7/11'