Guitar virtuoso Slash is in the midst of recording his sophomore solo album, and this time around, he says his band’s chemistry is completely on point.

“We've toured together for a year-and-a-half,” Slash told Total Guitar of his lineup, which includes Alter Bridge tenor Myles Kennedy on vocals and guitar, Todd Kerns playing bass and Brent Fitz on the skins. “But we were pretty … tight even in the first month together." Slash described their chemistry, saying, "It's something that just happened naturally. The guys are good players and we lock in. It's been like that ever since.”

Slash says that while the gear hasn’t changed much on the new album, the recording process is night and day from how he recorded his last solo release. The new set has Slash playing leads over the rhythm riffing of Kennedy, with the group recording completely live, as opposed to the modern practice of overdubbing and laying instruments one at a time. “You have to know the songs like the back of your hand to be able to do that,” he said.

Slash and the guys have knocked out three songs thus far: “Bad Rain,” “Halo” and “Standing in the Sun.” He’s happy with the results: “We're recording by the seat of our pants. The three tracks we've recorded are killer, there's so much material and it's so diverse, and I'm really excited. There are some really interesting riffs on this record, I can say that. There's a lot of riffage going on.”

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