It was 25 years ago today (Oct. 7) that Slayer unleashed 'Reign in Blood,' a classic album that is credited with changing the face of metal music forever. To mark the milestone, Loudwire takes a look at what Slayer and even some of those inspired by it say of the landmark disc.

As Slayer's own King Kerry has said of 'Reign in Blood,' "It was the first time you actually heard Slayer in its pure ferocity, and it made a big difference. One funny thing about that album is if it came out today, no one would give a s---. They'd say, 'That's cool.' But at the time it came out it made such a difference. People still reflect on that as a poignant time, where s--- changed."

Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman singles out the track 'Raining Blood' as one of the most memorable on the album. "I knew it had something that was really eerie about it or whatever, but I didn’t know it was going to be as big as it was," he says of writing the heavy guitar riff that serves as the backbone of the track. "In fact, I played it for Kerry on my little eight-track, and Kerry was like, 'So.' And I’m like, [laughing] 'Dude, c’mon this is cool!' ... Of course he loves it now."

As for the album's lasting influence, Norwegian dark metal band Dakthrone's Fenriz insists 'Reign' totally changed his life. "After having bought 'Reign in Blood' for the money I made from work bicycling around with advertising papers ... I decided to take a new direction in life," he says. "I [just] went to my room and listened to 'Reign In Blood'."

Watch Slayer's King Kerry Talking About the Lasting Legacy of 'Reign in Blood'