There's an awesome episode of 'Futurama' where Fry yells at a store clerk, "Shut up and take my money!" This is definitely one of those moments. Fans of stoner metal titans Sleep, you'll be dying to get your hands on these new custom pillow cases.

It makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Much like various rock and metal bands brewing their signature beers and Italian death metallers Fleshgod Apocalypse selling their own pasta, a Sleep pillow just feels right. The power trio hasn't put out an album since 'Dopesmoker' dropped in 2003, but hardcore fans of the band can still sleep easy knowing Sleep is under their heads.

Sleep write on their official Facebook page:

Sleep pillow cases. Yes, it was inevitable. 100% cotton, 300 threads per inch, hotel quality and printed with water-based inks for softness. These will be for sale in limited quantities at our upcoming shows in Denver on January 3rd and Albuquerque on January 4th.

No, the pillow cases are not made of hemp, but they do brandish the band's logo with tons of pot leaves emanating from it. If you're in the Denver or Albuquerque areas, make the trip to see Sleep and grab a pillow case of your own. Hopefully, they'll be so successful that we'll see a wide release. Pleasant dreams!