Slipknot's 'The Devil in I' video is easily one of 2014's most memorable clips. It depicts the destruction of each individual member while also acting as the official introduction for Slipknot's '.5: The Gray Chapter' masks. In this new clip, percussionist and director Shawn 'Clown' Crahan gives us an inside look into the video's concept and creation.

We witnessed the demise of the nine in 'The Devil in I,' but there's a lot more to the video than simple violence. "Basically, this video is about finding past devils, past things -- becoming one with it and then doing away with it," says Crahan.

Sid Wilson gnaws on his arm and bites off fingers in the clip, destroying the things most important for his role in the band. For guitarist Mick Thomson, isolation was the theme, which was represented in eating apart his own face. "I don't like blood," says Crahan. "Big reason why I used a lot of it."

You may remember sampler Craig Jones being attacked by a dog in the video. The scene was not staged, and though Jones is known to almost never speak, you can hear the man screaming while filming his portion of 'The Devil in I.' Percussionist Chris Fehn also faces a bizarre end, being torn apart by birds. Fehn requested this for himself, as the long-nosed Slipknot member suffers from a fear of birds.

Slipknot's '.5: The Gray Chapter' debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard chart, selling 132,000 copies in its first week. Check out the decimation of each Slipknot member and the reason behind each man's cinematic demise in the video above!

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