Trump, Trump, Trump. If Donald Trump is running for President just to get some attention, he's undoubtedly succeeded. Many musicians have weighed in on Trump's candidacy, and now, Slipknot / Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has chimed in with some of his signature vitriol.

So far, Lamb of God's Randy Blythe threw a bomb Trump's way, saying, "F--- that guy and f--- his hair," Gene Simmons offered a mixed critique on Trump's character, Twisted Sister's Dee Snider supported Trump's use of "We're Not Gonna Take It" in his campaign while still calling him a narcissist and Five Finger Death Punch's Zoltan Bathory tweeted out his support for Donald.

If you know Corey Taylor, guessing his position on Donald Trump isn't the biggest enigma to decipher. "The fact that Donald Trump is a real candidate for the presidency of the United States of f---ing America… Are you kidding me? Okay, at this point, let's just nominate [comedian] Emo Philips too. Philips / Pauly Shore 2020," Taylor tells radio station Lazer 103.3.

Taylor even contemplated leaving the U.S. because of the Trump situation, "England's too expensive. That was my first thought. I've actually priced out real estate there. England's way too expensive. So I might end up in Guam or something. I'll just build a hut. Belize; there are tons of islands in Belize that you can buy. I actually looked this up, because for like five seconds I was like, 'I'm gonna buy an island. Screw these people.'"

Check out the full interview with Corey Taylor in the clip above!

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