Slipknot and Stone Sour guitarist Jim Root was on hand at the 2012 NAMM convention this year to unveil his new signature Orange amplifier. In addition to the amplifier, Root talked about the current status of both of his bands, in addition to a possible new project.

Backstage Access got the skinny in an in-depth interview with Root. On the status of the new Stone Sour album, Root said, “We’re just starting it. We’ve been demoing songs separately, next week we’ll get together and take everyone’s songs and start rehearsing with each other to let them evolve. We’re trying to get into the studio by March.”

With Slipknot gearing up for an Australian tour run before returning to the States to headline the 2012 Mayhem Fest, Root commented on trying to juggle everything in tandem, “It’s really weird right now because usually when we juggle the two bands, we juggle album cycle to album cycle, but this time is going to be more tricky.” He continued to explain the game plan for this go around, “We’re going to start pre-production with Stone Sour, then we’ll stop that. Then we’re going to do Slipknot rehearsals, go do an Australian tour, come back, finish Stone Sour pre-production and start the record, and then we might have to stop recording the record to go do a month in the States with Slipknot.” Whew. We’re tired just reading that! But the big question is - when will the new Stone Sour album be done? According to Root, “I think we’re going to shoot for October, that might be ambitious but that’s what we’re shooting for.”

You’d think those two projects would wear Root out, but he confessed to having an interest in perhaps pursuing a third project. It all started with a chance meeting with Sam Rivers of Limp Bizkit, Root recounts, “I live down in Florida now, Sam [Rivers] from Limp Bizkit lives down there too, I ran into him the other day. He’s got a studio in his house and he’s been writing all this weird kind of electronica music that’s aerial and spacey, it was really cool. It has a Portishead vibe to it and I love that band, so I might, oddly enough, dabble with that. I don’t have enough projects going on, why not add another one. “

Why not Jim, why not!  All we know is that everything Root touches turns to musical gold so the more bands he’s in the better!