Anyone following along with the Slipknot ‘Antennas to Hell’ video teasers could easily guess that keyboardist and sampler Craig “133” Jones, also known as #5, would be up next. The video series recently released their fourth clip with guitarist Jim Root, so guessing that Jones would follow seemed like a foregone conclusion.

What fans may not have guessed is that Slipknot would release two videos back to back. In addition to Jones’ video, Mick Thomson, who’s known as #7 in the band, also dropped his teaser video on the same day, jumping out of order and skipping Shawn "Clown" Crahan, aka #6 at least temporarily.

The new videos shows a little montage of what life in Slipknot looks like for each particular member, from putting on their iconic masks, to live video footage of Slipknot shows throughout the world.

It’s a short but intense peek behind the Slipknot curtain showing how each member is an integral part of a smooth running Slipknot machine.

While it still remains a mystery as to what all of these videos are leading up to, it’s been largely speculated that the band will be releasing a greatest hits package in July.

If you missed the previous videos, check the links to view each one: Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison and the late Paul Gray, Chris Fehn and Jim Root.

The ‘Knot will kick off this year’s Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival at the end of June and recently announced their first-ever Knot Fest.

Watch Slipknot’s Craig “133” Jones in His ‘Antennas to Hell’ Teaser Trailer
Watch Slipknot’s Mick Thomson in His ‘Antennas to Hell’ Teaser Trailer