After Staind founding member and longtime drummer Jon Wysocki left the band, Staind were left with an opening for a new drummer. Staind found their new drummer in Wysocki's former drum tech, Sal Giancarelli, but it seems like the band may be second-guessing their decision.

Wysocki left the band in May, after 16 years of faithful service. It was somewhat of a monumental moment for Staind, having never lost an original member until that date. Replacement Staind drummer Sal Giancarelli may be technically competent, but according a various testimonies from the band an their crew via their YouTube channel, Giancarelli's rock star attitude is getting out of hand.

"The dude changed, I don't even get it," said Staind guitarist Mike Mushok. "He calls up management - he's like, 'I need a private jet to every gig, I need my own bus, I want a helicopter that's going to take me from the hotel to the gigs … he won't even let me look at him.' Mushok continued by revealing that Staind may change their band name to "SALd." As of this posting, the name change has yet to be confirmed by the band.

Giancarelli's drum tech also commented on the prima donna attitude of the new beat-keeper. "He wants his water at 65 degrees! I'm in the middle of San Antonio, Texas, it's 101! Are you kidding me!?"

For more inside info on Staind's drummer debacle, check out the video below to hear more first-hand testimony of Giancarelli's controversial behavior. Well played, guys.

Meet Staind's New Drummer Sal Giancarelli