The members of Steel Panther don't just come together to form the greatest heavy metal band of all time, the rest of their bodies do, too. Zing! The men known as Starr, Satchel, Foxx and Stix are also experts in Mother's Day gift giving, as witnessed in a new self-help segment from the group.

Steel Panther understand the notion that it's better to give than receive, as the quartet are constantly giving 'Weenie Rides' on a minutely basis. Fuse wisely recognized this sensibility within the Steel Panther members, and thus, asked the group to lend some advice for this year's Mother's Day (May 12 just in case some of you forgetful burdens had forgotten).

The band took a slightly different approach to Mother's Day, opting to focus on other people's mothers instead of their own. "A vibrator is a nice gift," begins guitarist Satchel, "but wouldn't you rather give your friend's Mom something real? Like a real c--k?"

Singer Michael Starr interrupted by suggesting diamonds as a decent present, but was quickly given the business by his Steel Panther bandmates. "Diamonds are forever," Satchel responds. "That's not the message you want to send! I'm here maybe 'til morning … maybe I'll come back next week and bone you." Bassist Lexxi Foxx suggested a garage door opener as a gift for some reason, while drummer Stix Zadinia agreed that herpes would not serve as a proper Mother's Day gift.

Check out Steel Panther's full Mother's Day gift advice segment in the video below!

Steel Panther's SEXXXY Mother's Day Gift Guide