With all this reunion talk swirling in the wind, we wondered, who might be next? Perhaps the classic 'Appetite for Destruction' Guns N' Roses lineup?

It may be just a rock 'n' roll pipe dream but in a recent interview with Straight.com, gregarious former GN'R drummer Steven Adler said that he's ready and willing with his drumsticks in hand, should Axl Rose come knock, knock, knockin' on his door.

So, what's his driving force? According to Adler, it's all about the fans and finishing what he started 20 years ago. "I personally would do it for nothing! I'm not going to, but I would, for nothing," explains Adler. "I just want to finish what I started with those guys. I cut myself short. For 20 years, I was saying to myself that they cut me short, but once I started working with Dr. Drew and took responsibility for my life and my actions, I realized I threw that away. So, I just want to finish what I started with them".

Adler was fired from the band in 1990 over his drug addiction. Taking full responsibility for the split, Adler doesn't blame GN'R for giving him the axe. "I don't blame nobody for nothing. I did everything to myself."

And what about his former band mates? "I love Axl, he's a very important person in my life. In the past he's been important to me, and he's still important to me, because of what we achieved together. All four of those goofballs are. And they are knuckleheads!" states Adler.

Adler's most recent stint in the public eye has been on VH1's 'Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew' as well as 'Sober House.' Since 2003, he's been playing with his own band Adler's Appetite and is currently on tour.