Stone Sour have entered a Des Moines, Iowa studio to begin recording their progressive, ambitious and evolutionary new concept album, which is also believed to be a double-disc release.

Stone Sour have decided to get incredibly ambitious with their fourth studio album -- not only is it a concept album, but frontman Corey Taylor has previously mentioned it will be a double-album as well -- clocking in at around 29 tracks. In a new press release, the band confirms that the recording process is officially underway with producer David Botrill (Muse, Tool).

"This album will be another progression for the band. Musically, we have always challenged one another to push things to our limits, and this record is no exception," says guitarist Josh Rand. "Lyrically, the album follows one character to that complex moment in his life, when he finally has to decide which path to take. It's a spiritual and moral power play for control of what this man will be for the rest of his life. Each song will tell the story from different sides of the character's personality, with the listener ultimately deciding how the story ends."

The new album follows their 2010 release, 'Audio Secrecy,' and has a tentative fall 2012 release date on the books. In addition to recording with Stone Sour, Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root will tour with Slipknot this year as the headlining act on the 2012 Rockstar Mayhem Fest.