The previously unreleased video for Stone Temple Pilots' song 'Cinnamon' has found its way online. There was an original version filmed in summer 2010, but the band wasn't feeling the result so the video was scrapped and it was reshot in late 2010 with new director. The song was the third single off 2010's self-titled affair.

This previously unreleased version features the band, hot chicks, handheld cameras and a party in a cool, loft-like space with exposed brick and plenty of sexy attendees. Music factors into the equation rather heavily. Frontman Scott Weiland looks a bit disinterested in the goings on, but shares a few longing glances with a young, curly-haired hottie. Sometimes it's what's not said that makes the most impact.

Music certainly makes a party go and such is the case in this clip. Some of the pretty ladies get in on the fun as band performs here and there. Weiland crashes out on the couch, a likely sign that he is totally bored. It's not quite clear why he's so blasé, so come to your own conclusion and make your own assumptions.

Watch Stone Temple Pilots 'Cinnamon' Video