In one of the most impressive set of victories in the history of Loudwire's Death Match, Suffocation's new track 'As Grace Descends' has secured its place in the Death Match Hall of Fame.

Suffocation started out as underdogs against one of metalcore's most popular bands, Bring Me the Horizon, who boast 10-times more Facebook fans than Suffocation. In an effort where Suffocation fans said, "Never tell me the odds," the death metal titans stomped Bring Me the Horizon into the ground. These same fans began to demand a truly brutal Death Match with one of death metal's most legendary bands.

You asked, we delivered.

Suffocation went on to defeat Dying Fetus in an incredibly close match, and the brutality continued with a win against Aborted. Finally, we wanted to create the match of matches, and thus, put Suffocation in a Death Match against Cannibal Corpse. After a huge fan turnout and various lead changes, Suffocation emerged victorious in a very close battle. As a result, they can now call themselves Death Match Hall of Famers.

Suffocation guitarist Terrance Hobbs even commented on the latest Death Match after his band's win over Cannibal Corpse:

Well in all my years i never thought suffo would have to go up against cannibal..let alone our careers started at the same time they are all suffos bro's .for me this is a stalemate!!!! but it would make one hell of a tour package..keep voting but most of all keep listening to the heaviest death metal bands out there!!!

Congratulations to Suffocation and 'As Grace Descends,' as the song has now been declared immortal. Be sure to pick up Suffocation's seventh studio album 'Pinnacle of Bedlam,' which will see a Feb. 19 release date. To pre-order the album, click here. And stay tuned for our upcoming interview with Suffocation bassist Derek Boyer!

Suffocation, 'As Grace Descends'