Clutch vs. The Sword – Cage Match
With Love and Death and their track ‘I W8 4 U’ winning five consecutive battles to enter Loudwire’s Cage Match Hall of Fame, it is now time for two new bands and their latest tracks to duke it out!
Clutch – 2013 Must-See Rock Concerts
What: 2013 'Earth Rocker' North American Tour
When: March 8 - April 20
Why: Clutch have been one of the more solidly consistent rock bands of the last decade and there's plenty of anticipation for their upcoming 'Earth Rocker' album...
The Company Band Blend Clutch, CKY + More at New York Gig
The Company Band are made up of an all-star lineup of groove-oriented acts. Consisting of Clutch vocalist Neil Fallon, CKY drummer Jess Margera, Fireball Ministry's James Rota, Fu Manchu's Brad Davis on bass and guitarist Dave Bone, the Company Band boast one of the most solid foundations in modern …