The Many Faces of Philip Anselmo
Whether you know frontman Philip Anselmo from his years with the almighty Pantera or you’ve seen him live with his current band Down, you've seen that this legendary vocalist puts his blood, sweat and tears into each performance.
Phil Anselmo Eyes Summer Release for Solo Album
Pantera / Down singer Phil Anselmo fans will get a taste of his solo material Tuesday, Jan. 8, with the release of the split EP titled 'War of the Gargantuas' with Warbeast. But, Anselmo says that his two songs on the split are not in the same vein as his upcoming solo album.
Phil Anselmo Talks Boxing With Rapper 50 Cent
As one of metal's most aggressive vocalists in history, it's no surprise to learn that Pantera / Down vocalist Philip Anselmo is a huge fan of boxing. Surely tracks such as 'F---ing Hostile' and 'Mouth for War' have inspired many fists to bust through walls, along with faces, so Boxing Insider welco…

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