Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil are one of Italy’s most successful rock and roll exports, rising from a promising position in the heavy metal underground to international fame over the course of a twenty-plus-year career. First formed in Milan, in 1994, the band recorded a few demos using the name Sleep of Right, then changed that to Ethereal, and, finally, Lacuna Coil, shortly after signing to Germany’s Century Media label for the release of 1998’s Lacuna Coil EP. With help from in-house producer Waldemar Sorychta (Tiamat, Samael, Moonspell, etc.), Lacuna Coil developed a compelling gothic metal style on ensuing releases, In a Reverie (1999), the Halflife EP (2000), and Unleashed Memories (2001), until finally breaking through in America with 2002’s Comalies, which added electronic ingredients to the mix and soon became Century Media’s biggest seller ever. At least until the release of Lacuna Coil’s next long player, Karmacode, which amazingly cracked the U.S. top 30, elevated Lacuna Coil to rock radio and major festival darlings (Ozzfest, Download, etc.), and made a bona fide star of singer Cristina Scabbia. The band has since capitalized on this exposure with consistent touring behind well-received albums like 2009’s Shallow Life, 2012’s Dark Adrenaline and 2014’s Broken Crown Halo – all of which suggest that Lacuna Coil will not be slowing down anytime soon.

Selected Discography: Unleashed Memories (2001), Comalies (2002), Karmacode (2006)
Related Artists: The Gathering, Type O Negative, Moonspell, Linkin Park
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Lacuna Coil, January 2012
Lacuna Coil have not one but two vocalists - Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro. The two play off of each other perfectly throughout their set.
This photo features their female lead Cristina Scabbia belting out a chorus on their recent Gigantour run with Megadeth, Motorhead and Volbeat...
Lacuna Coil Issue Update on Dark Legacy Tour
Lacuna Coil continue to issue personal updates informing fans of what's going on in their world. The latest came in the form of a two-minute video courtesy of beautiful frontwoman Cristina Scabbia. The lovely singer filmed the clip while getting ready for a gig in Sardinia. She was sequestered …

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