My Darkest Days

My Darkest Days, ‘Casual Sex’ – Sexiest Rock Music Videos
This 'Casual Sex' video from My Darkest Days must have been an excuse for the band members to get busy with some hot, topless chicks, but in all honesty, nobody in their right mind can blame them for it. The explicit version of this video is basically softcore porn, featuring legions of chesticles, …
Sal Costa Explains Exit From My Darkest Days
My Darkest Days announced over the weekend that their guitarist Sal Costa (pictured at far right above) had left the band, but the musician's exit actually dates back several months. With the news now out, the guitarist talked about the specifics of the split and why it took so long to reveal w…
My Darkest Days Guitarist Sal Costa Exits Band
My Darkest Days are down a member as they start to work on their next album. The band revealed via their social networks that guitarist Sal Costa (pictured at right above) is leaving the group after three years of growth and success.

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