Pig Destroyer

Pig Destroyer – Bands with Signature Beers
Three Floyds, the same brewery that created Municipal Waste's 'Toxic Revolution' also paid tribute to fellow Richmond, Va., metal act Pig Destroyer through a delicious intoxicant. Pig Destroyer's 'Permanent Funeral' ale was named after the eponymous 'Book Burner&ap…
Win a Pig Destroyer Autographed Drum Cymbal!
Assuming Pig Destroyer's new album 'Book Burner' hasn't pummeled your brains into a useless paste, we've got an incredible contest to bring you. This unique prize is a one-of-a-kind item from the band, and is only available to win here on Loudwire.
Pig Destroyer, ‘Book Burner’ – Album Review
Pig Destroyer are the embodiment of metal's most purely aggressive breed. The genre of grindcore doesn't allow for much breathing room or any sort of mainstream accessibility due to its speed, incoherence and sonic violence, but for bands like Pig Destroyer, grind serves as a foundati…

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