Kid Covers Primus’ ‘Golden Boy’ on Bass – Best of YouTube
We all know that Les Claypool has some freak-like talent on the bass, but so does this kid! Primus are a downright eclectic and unpredictable band, incorporating avant-garde and jazz-fusion elements into their own personal brand of rock music. Watch as this kid tears up the song 'Golden Boy!&ap…
Primus Frontman Les Claypool Mourns the Death of His Nephew
Primus frontman Les Claypool is sad to report that his nephew Matthew has passed away after struggling with Infant's leukemia for the past two years. The bassist-singer brought Matthew's struggle to light last year when auctioning off one of his basses to raise funds to help offset his bro…
Les Claypool’s Pachyderm Bass Raises $50K for Ailing Nephew
How much is a prize item like one of Les Claypool's basses worth to you? Now add in the fact that he's auctioning it off for his ailing two-year-old nephew who is suffering from a rare form of infant leukemia. After putting the bass on the block, the Primus leader found out just how much i…
Primus Firm Up 2012 Tour Dates
Primus have filled out their 2012 dance card and have announced their North American tour plans for late spring / early summer as well as a string of shows in Europe kicking off this week.

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