Shown here during a date on the 2007 'Rock the Bells' tour with Flavor Flav, Scott Ian, the guitarist for Anthrax, has no shortage of cool ink.

This particular tattoo of AC/DC’s Angus Young was done by celeb tattooist Kat Von D. Ian wanted to pay tribute to Young, explaining, “When we started Anthrax, Angus was my absolute inspiration.” So why did he choose to go with the image of Angus from the cover of their 1979 album ‘Highway To Hell’ where Young is sporting devil horns? According to Ian, “For me, it’s the most iconic image..maybe because of the devil horns. He’s a little devil on stage.”

Anyone who’s ever seen Ian bounce around onstage with Anthrax can surely see the influence of Young! Anthrax released ‘Worship Music’ in 2011, their first album since 2003’s ‘We’ve Come For You All.’