Sammy Hagar made his debut appearance on 'That Metal Show' last night and he turned up like he just walked off the beach in shorts, a tee and Crocs. Hosts Jim Florentine, Don Jamieson and Eddie Trunk immediately commented on his casual, easy-going attire, with Florentine asking the Red Rocker if he ever wears a Speedo on the beach, to which Hagar replied, "It doesn't look right, man!"

There were many things that were right about Hagar's candid interview. He talked about his best-selling book, 'Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock,' saying, "I was honest, and that's why it became a good read. I really put my ass out there, threw myself under the bus, writing a book about my life. I've taken flack for some things. I didn't do it for money; I wanted to get my story out there, to all the fans who supported me, to show them what I'm made of, to be a good inspiration."

Hagar admitted that he feels he achieved those goals, at the expense of other aspects, saying, "That was all good, but it really divided the Van Halen camp." He said the revelations in the book "put the nails in the coffin and we'll probably never get back together, not that I am wishing for that, but I like to keep things open. But I am sure it put a big stone wall up." Hagar also admitted he wanted to put it all out there in one shot and that given Van Halen's status as a crazy rock 'n' roll band, no one should be shocked by his stories!

Overall, though, he wanted to demonstrate how a kid from Northern California could become a tequila kingpin. He said, "I am not the smartest guy in the world, but I want people to think, 'Hey if Sammy did it, I can. No one gave me nothing. I rolled up the sleeves! Don't be afraid to get out there."

Hagar also admitted that he started Chickenfoot because he loves the idea of being in a band.

All in all, it was a very revealing, open, honest chat with the Red Rocker on 'That Metal Show.' The show normally has two guests but for this episode, it was all Sammy.