Season 9 of 'That Metal Show' started off with a bang -er- a Slash. Slash's former cohort Axl Rose closed out Season 8, so it's only right to keep the Guns N' Roses link between the two seasons.

Slash, dressed head-to-toe in black, much of it leather, including his signature top hat, didn't speak about Rose at all. He did talk about his double-live CD, which was recorded in his U.K. hometown of Stoke-on-Trent. The guitarist had not been to S-o-T since he was 6. "It's such a small town that it's not even on promoter's minds," Slash said about the degree of difficulty of concerts coming to the area. But he asked tour promoters to find a venue for him to play and record. The show was recorded in a single take and was quite the homecoming for the legendary guitarist.

Slash revealed that he has only one snake now, who lives in the gym. He used to have like 85 snakes, but marriage curtailed his serpent collecting. He and his wife gave most of them away when they started having children, for obvious safety reasons. He even told the story about how his son London got bit by a snake, despite Slash warning him not to touch the reptile's face.

Slash, who is a major fan of horror flicks, also spoke about the films he is working on via Slasher Films. He is involved in a producer capacity. He may score the films, but not via guitar. He is more interested in putting together an orchestra.

The topic of the singer-less Velvet Revolver came up, as well. "We can't find anyone to front the band," Slash said about the band's back-burner status. He said there is no urgency to find someone because they want it to be the "right" vocalist. Jeez, Slash really keeps busy in multiple mediums, doesn't he? When does he have time to sleep?

The other guest was heavy metal historian Sam Dunn, who is the man behind the VH1 Classic documentary series 'Metal Evolution.' The hard rock anthropologist spoke about breaking metal down into genres via the compelling series. He conducted 300 interviews with musicians, fans and experts. He was, in his own words, quite lucky to survive the series. Dunn traces metal from Italian violinist Paganini through Lamb of God and that's something that's never been done.

Be sure to watch the series every Saturday before you absorb 'That Metal Show.'