Get to know The Chimpz! The Los Angeles-based rockers are ramping up to the release of their self-titled EP, bolstered by the band's new single 'California.' Loudwire had a chance to chat with the Chimpz about the upcoming disc, their continued involvement with the FX show 'Sons of Anarchy' and more. Check out the chat below.

First of all, congrats on the new EP -- definitely a rocking collection! You've got a few years under the belt already, but can you talk about what it's been like to see the early reaction to the song 'California' as you get ready to release this EP?

The reaction has been amazing! We knew when we recorded the song that it was going to be a catchy tune. A lot of our fans are really excited for this record. It really feels good to be able to present such a record to The Chimpznation.

As with most new acts, there's a tendency to try to put a label or description to what you're hearing so you can describe it to others. We're hearing a little Rage Against the Machine and P.O.D. How do you feel about comparisons to other acts and are there acts that you want to get into music in the first place?

Well, to be compared to such great acts as those is an honor, first of all. Red Hot Chili Peppers is one that we’ve been getting lately as well. P.O.D., Rage Against the Machine, Pantera, (hed) p.e. and Suicidal Tendencies are a few of our favorite acts. In addition, our influences vary from funk to jazz, hip hop and classical, as well.

We've got the 'California' lyric video, which truly captures the spirit of adventure of the state for sure. You're getting ready to shoot a more traditional video for 'California.' Anything you can share on the clip and your thoughts on shooting a music video in general?

'California' will be shot and directed by Michael Valentino, who shot our last video 'Victim,' as well. The traditional video will focus on both the fun aspects of Cali life as well as a bit of the gritty side.

Shooting a video is a fun experience in general. We all participate in the direction and come up with our own ideas on how it should be done. Furthermore, it’s a great way to get the fans to be a part of the process too. What better way to include your fans in the band?

Congrats on the 'Sons of Anarchy' placement. This isn't your first association with the show, but can you talk about what it means to be included in the final season with the new song 'Right to Left'?

Thank you! To have the association with 'Sons of Anarchy' has done amazing things. It has brought new fans to The Chimpznation weekly including those who have purchased the previous records. Even on tour it helps get the word out about the band since so many people watch the show. Being included in the final season is such a great honor. We want to thank them for the opportunity and the love! The Chimpz will go down in history right along with the show! Those songs are immortalized.

A Chimpz show is full of energy. For the uninitiated, can you talk about what fans can expect from a Chimpz gig and what you personally get from playing live and getting that connection with the audience?

You can expect a high energy, loud and fun show. Our bass player Sonic puts it best: "We don’t throw shows, The Chimpz throw parties." Personally, there’s no other feeling than watching people jam out to your live performance. There is no feeling like that in the world. The Chimpznation rocks and we are personal friends with a good percentage of them. They love to see us do well. Thank You Chimpznation!

At present what is your favorite song in the Chimpz catalog to play?

Right now 'California' would be a safe bet. It’s new and it’s fun. 'Save Our City' is a killer one to play live, as well. It’s a loud, hard-hitting jam!

There's a major tour for the band forthcoming. Can you share your thoughts on getting a chance to experience more of the country and new audiences?

We are getting ready to head to the East Coast for the first time and we can’t wait to meet new fans and introduce them to our style of live music. We love it when people approach with compliments on our show. Loading into the vehicle is always a process. Everyone brings so much stuff! Drummer Capmaster Fresh is the resident mechanic and gets the vehicle in tip top shape. Once we’re loaded up and firing on all cylinders, lead singer Artimus Prime starts her up and we roll! The tour begins Oct. 3 in Tulsa, Okla. See you there!!

There's also an MMA event coming in October for the band. Which member of The Chimpz would fare the best in a cage match?

Lead guitarist Scary Cary for sure! We would put him up against anyone!!!

Thanks to The Chimpz for the interview. The 'California' single is currently available at iTunes and the self-titled EP (due out Sept. 9) is available at Amazon. Catch the band at these upcoming shows.

Watch The Chimpz' 'California' Lyric Video