The Devil Wears Prada just pulled off an impressive victory over reigning champs Suicide Silence, who had taken out both As I Lay Dying and August Burns Red in some fierce Death Matches.

Don't relax just yet, Devil Wears Prada fans, because this week the band is up against Shreveport, La., act Iwrestledabearonce -- a group who will eat your face off and ask for seconds. Iwrestledabearonce have such a strange style mixed up in deathcore, metal, pop, dance, comedy and more that there's no way of defining the band with one genre. They come into the battle with their song 'You Know That Ain't Them Dogs' Real Voices' off their 2011 album 'Ruining It for Everybody.'

Will the Devil Wears Prada collect a second victory with 'Born to Lose' or will 'You Know That Ain't Them Dogs' Real Voices' allow Iwrestledabearonce to maul their opponents? Their fates are in your hands. Vote for your favorite video in the poll below. (This Death Match runs until Monday, Feb. 20, at 10 AM ET.)



The Devil Wears Prada, 'Born to Lose'
Iwrestledabearonce, 'You Know That Ain't Them Dogs' Real Voices'



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Rules of Death Match

Two bands fight to the death each week. The triumphant band goes on to compete in the next Death Match. If a band wins four straight Death Matches, its song will be honored as immortal in the Loudwire Death Match Hall of Fame.