Premiere math rock outfit the Dillinger Escape Plan have revealed they will disband following the Dissociation album cycle, giving the release of each new song leading up to the album's release a special, intangible quality. The latest offering from the record comes by way of "Symptom of Terminal Illness," which can be heard above.

The song is a vast departure from the previous single, "Limerant Death," which was bursting with typical Dillinger hallmarks of crushing, slow rhythms recklessly volleying back and forth with their more frenzied state of atonal riffage and all around chaotic dissonance. "Symptom of Terminal Illness" widens DEP's sonic spectrum, opening with swirling melancholy, building uncomfortable tension as Greg Puciato's deep croons transition into his signature nasal-toned cleaned voice.

The song builds with seasick plodding against dreary, watery guitar licks as Puciato rights the ship amidst these unsure waters with clever phrasing. The intensity of the song gradually increases, releasing as double kicks unfurl under the final chorus before the song comes to a rather abrupt end.

"Dissociation represents the splitting of a molecule into smaller molecules, atoms, or ions, breaking bonds to release energy," said founding guitarist Ben Weinman about the album on the whole. "Over the past two decades, this band has given me and my bandmates, both collectively and individually, the opportunity to experience the world in a way most could never imagine. This album is a celebration of that experience and the energy it has produced."

Pre-orders for the new record, out Oct. 14 through Party Smasher Inc., can be placed here. Dillinger will embark on U.S. headlining on Oct. 12 and a full list of stops can be found at our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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