During Machine Head's recent visit to New York, we sent our writer Graham "Gruhamed" Hartmann to interview opening act Darkest Hour. Not only did Gruhamed come back with the Darkest Hour interview, but he also returned brandishing an impromptu interview and tale from backstage featuring an encounter with New Jersey metal band the Doomsday Prophecy. Here's Gruhamed's account of his night with the Doomsday Prophecy, along with an accompanying Q&A:

On the New York City date of Machine Head's 'Eight Plague' tour, I had the opportunity to interview Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum. After a great talk with the guitarist (which we will post soon), Scheibaum invited me to hang around and have a beer with the band and some of their buddies. After sitting down in their dressing room and cracking open a Genesee, I found myself in a conversation with a guy named Loki - a longtime friend of Darkest Hour and sporadic guitar tech for the band.

Loki began to tell stories about touring with Misfits frontman Michale Graves and jamming on guitar with legendary Ramones drummer Marky Ramone until Loki's hands were encrusted with blood. I immediately whipped out my trusty recorder and had a conversation with Loki, vocalist Brian Kellner and bassist J.V. about their current project, the Doomsday Prophecy.

Tell us about your band.

Loki: Our name is the Doomsday Prophecy. J.V. and I used to tour with Michale Graves of the Misfits. We just needed a metal outlet because we grew up listening to metal. We spent all our early careers playing punk rock and we finally wanted to get into the metal scene so we started The Doomsday Prophecy.

When did you guys start up?

Loki: We had our little infancy stage in 2008 and 2009 - starting to write songs and seeing where we fit into the whole scene. We started playing shows in late 2009.

How much have you been able to record since then?

Loki: We have 11 songs recorded from two different sessions. We've never released anything, it's more of a demo type thing just to see what we sound like and how people can interact with our music. So for right now we've got those 11 songs recorded.

Are you looking to self release or are you shopping around for labels?

Loki: We're going to try to record pro and shop around.

Are you opening tonight?

Loki: No. I toured as a guitar tech for Darkest Hour in 2004 for Ozzfest, so I've been friends with these guys ever since then. Every time they come around we hang out, bring them beers, bring them whatever they want - all sorts of goodies.

J.V.: Tito (Darkest Hour's manager) was our first tour manager. Tito taught us the ropes.

If you were to categorize your music how would you explain it?

Brian: Don't categorize me! [Laughs] Metal. It pretty much encompasses all different types of metal - types of thrash, types of hardcore, types of f---in' old school metal. Just all-around metal.

J.V.: Can we ask you a question?

You can.

J.V.: Metallica or Megadeth?


[Loki and Brian cheer]

J.V.: And why?

I just prefer Megadeth. I like old Metallica - I dig 'Whiplash.'

J.V.: We just get 'Whiplash,' that's it.

Loki: It's a long debate we've had. [Laughs]

[Laughs] I'm sorry

Loki: Me and Brian have always been Megadeth guys.

J.V.: I'm a Metallica guy.

Nothing wrong with being a Metallica guy.

J.V.: I say that those first five records trump the entire career of Megadeth. It's a quality versus quantity issue.

I guess there's a basis to that argument. [Laughs] Just personally, I stopped at 'St. Anger.'

J.V.: I stopped at 'Load.' [Laughs]

Brian: I stopped at like half the 'Black Album.'

J.V.: I would have enjoyed 'Load' had it not been a Metallica record. If that would have been a James Hetfield side project I would have loved that record. I would have thought it was really awesome.

So I take it you're a big 'Lulu' fan?

J.V.: Oh yeah, man.

[Loki and Brian laugh]

J.V.: I have to admit I've never made it through it - I can't make it through that album.

What about 'Death Magnetic?' A lot of older fans kind of gravitate towards that.

Loki: It's got its moments. They tried really hard, but its just not...

J.V.: If it wasn't Metallica maybe it'd be cool. I think what keeps Megadeth fresh is that they've always had a revolving door. They always had new slammin' guitar players. Could you imagine if every three years Metallica got the rookie of the year, number one draft pick guitar player? New guitarist every three or four years, get an awesome drummer - get Lars out of there.

Loki: I'm a Testament child. Alex Skolnick is one of my favorite guitar players. He's going to be in Jersey City on March 2 playing some songs just by himself. I guess there's going to be a bunch of local bands playing and he's just going to take one member of each local band and they're gonna play 'Souls of Black' at the end of the night with Alex Skolnick. How awesome is that?

Wow, how do you win that lottery? What other music are you into?

Loki: I'm an '80s child, I love all the mid '90s grunge and metal. I've gotten harder and harder into metal as I've grown up. I'm definitely a big Gorod guy, Wretched, Revocation. That's where I'm at at this day and age. Revocation's guitar work is bar none. Their guitarist (David Davidson) is one of my favorites for melodies. They have a lot of feel, David can play technical metal, but they've got all that feel and that's awesome.


Check out the Doomsday Prophecy on their official Facebook page.