The Dreaming, a supergroup of sorts, have released their first single ‘Every Trace’ off of their upcoming album, 'Puppet,' due out Nov. 1. The band features singer Christopher Hall from Stabbing Westward and members of the Murderdolls and Deadsy.

Hall and the rest of the Dreaming have created a melodic fist pumping anthem. The layers of Hall’s voice are shown in the song, which can go from soft and soothing to raspy and screeching.

The song is sonically appealing especially with a chorus like, “I’ll erase every single trace of you / I’ll forget your smile / Forget your eyes / Forget your mouth / Forget your lies / I’ll erase every single trace of you.”

The tone of the song sounds like a little like Muse on speed, with dreamy synthesizers along with heavy guitar riffs and rumbling bass lines. Drummer Johnny Haro makes the song that much heavier with thunderous drums patterns.

Hall shows off his intensely soaring voice on lyrics like "Throw all your pictures in the fire / And then I cry /  The flames grew higher and higher/ They touch the sky / But even as you burn your ghost won't die," which makes the track that much more forceful.

In an interview in July with the website The Sunset Strip, Hall said the album is “a cool, heavy rock record with lots of retro keyboard programming.”

Hall also revealed some influences for the disc: “I listened to a lot of early Ministry, Nitzer Ebb and Depeche Mode for the keyboard influences and tried to break away from the more modern metal 'screamo' sound and find our own voice on this record.”

Listen to The Dreaming, 'Every Trace'