The first 'Evil Dead' movie is one of the greatest pieces of horror ever committed to film. Having spawned two equally legendary sequels, the franchise has developed one of the biggest cult followings in horror history, cementing the chainsaw at the greatest undead-killing weapon of all time and star Bruce Campbell as the most bad-ass man on the planet. The first of the three films was strictly horror with a bit of a campy quality to it, made with an almost non existent budget, whereas 2 and 3 focused more heavily on comedy. If you haven't seen any of the 'Evil Dead' films, make your Halloween a special one by exposing yourself to them.

The pioneers of death metal, Death, claim a cult following of their own, mostly due to the unmatched genius of frontman Chuck Schuldiner. Featured on the genre-birthing debut album by Death, 'Scream Bloody Gore,' the track 'Evil Dead' appears as track nine in the record. Mixing hardcore punk speed, dirty production standards, wicked vocals and brain scrambling guitar work, 'Evil Dead' still holds its own in the present day, and 'Scream Bloody Gore' shirts are still easy to find on fellow metalheads at live shows.

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