As The Offspring once taught us, you've got to keep 'em separated, and the band certainly separated itself from the competition in the most recent Loudwire Classic Cage Matches. Their single 'Come Out and Play' just earned its fourth straight win to be the latest song retired into the Classic Cage Match Hall of Fame.

The band's run began with 'Come Out and Play' taking out defending champ, Soundgarden's 'Black Hole Sun,' earning just over 72 percent of the vote. Things got a little tighter in their second match, as they earned 60 percent of the vote over Green Day's 'Basket Case.'

Their run through 1994 encountered its toughest challenge with 'Come Out and Play' eeking out a victory with 51 percent of the vote over Rage Against the Machine's 'Freedom.' And now the journey has been completed with a decisive win over Bad Religion's 'Infected.'

The Offspring now join Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Disturbed and Megadeth as the initial members of the Classic Cage Match Hall of Fame. Our congrats to The Offspring for running the table and let's give one last big of love to 'Come Out and Play' by playing it one more time in the player below. Look for a new Classic Cage Match starting soon.

The Offspring, 'Come Out and Play'