And now for something a little different! While some hard rock and metal fans may cringe at the idea of Maroon 5 coming through their speakers, it's interesting to see what happens when post-hardcore upstarts The Persevering Promise completely rock up a pop favorite and give it a new spin. With that in mind, Loudwire is happy to bring you the exclusive video premiere of The Persevering Promise's cover of Maroon 5's "Animals."

As you can see, the video is a performance-based piece with guitarists and co-vocalists Matt Hoos and Jesse Barton providing a perfect blend of clean and rough vocals to what Adam Levine initially provided. Add in some killer double bass and this fresh take on "Animals" now totally rocks.

Barton tells Loudwire, “As a band, we appreciate all different types of music. The thing about pop music, is that it's already musically set up to be heavily rhythm oriented and extremely catchy. So we chose to take a Top 40 song, and give it a metal makeover. Nothing like a little screaming and some double bass to make a pop song POP.”

The Persevering Promise have been promoting their debut disc, An Illusion in Shambles. The album features guest appearances from Ronnie Winter of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Shawn Spann of I, the Breather and Chad Ruhlig of For the Fallen Dreams. You can pick up the disc at this location. Also, if you're looking at adding some of the band's merch, check here.

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The Persevering Promise

Courtesy of The Persevering Promise