'The Wicker Man' is a classic British horror film that is both terrifying and critically acclaimed. Released in 1973, the cult hit stars Edward Woodward and 'Dracula' legend Christopher Lee. The film revolves around a police sergeant's search for a missing girl, which leads him to find Celtic Pagan inhabitants on an isolated island. As a devout Christian, the sergeant finds himself as an outsider and is led to a giant Wicker Man to burn alive in an incredibly suspenseful and unnerving scene. The movie was subjected to a remake starring Nicolas Cage in 2006, which like most horror remakes, fell incredibly flat.

Iron Maiden began a new golden age of their music when vocalist Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith returned to the band in 1999. Maiden unleashed the brilliant 'Brave New World' album as their first with the band's current lineup, with 'The Wicker Man' as the first track and first official single from the 2000 record. The song's chorus has become an essential Maiden sing-along track, with the lyric, 'Your time will come' resonating unforgettably within the listener.

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