Theory of a Deadman don't always tackle the most serious topics in their songs (see 'Bitch Came Back,' 'Lowlife' and 'Hate My Life' for examples) but altering their tunes to sell honey-baked hams is where they draw the line.

Canadian rockers Theory of a Deadman are at the top of their game with the success of their current album 'The Truth is...' But, as any agent will tell you, with success comes the opportunity to completely sell out and make a boat-load of cash. That is the theme of the latest promo video for 'The Truth is...' as the members of TOAD sit through a pitch meeting to learn how they can increase the revenue stream.

In the video the band is pitched several product placement ideas by corporate yes-men, like altering the lyrics to 'By the Way' -- a track from their 2008 album 'Scars and Souvenirs' -- in an effort to sell honey-baked hams. Another of the ideas being a promotional tie-in with the song 'Hate My Life' and buffet restaurants, because, as the pitchman explains, people who hate their life love to eat.

The band ultimately walks away from the table without any signs of interest -- but that's only because they weren't pitched the right products. The band would easily approve of child car seats specifically designed for use in late model Fieros -- as evidenced by their song 'Lowlife.' Another fool-proof idea would have been hair gel. Have you seen frontman Tyler Connolly's hair -- seriously, not one strand out of place!

Theory of a Deadman Product Placement Pitch Meeting