Estranged Blink-182 singer-guitarist Tom DeLonge is back on the scene with new music. The rocker has just unleashed the track "New World" that is part of his To the Stars … Demos, Odds and Ends release.

DeLonge recently announced that he would issue the set, with tracks being unveiled intermittently until the full album arrives on April 20. "New World" is the first song to arrive, with the second due on March 23 and the third coming on April 6.

The rocker revealed his plans to release the music shortly after his public dispute with his Blink-182 cohorts, and some have speculated that the material included was initially meant for Blink's next album. As for the song itself, take a listen above. It has a bit of a darker feel in the verses, but the chorus has the catchiness of a typical Blink track.

To the Stars is more than just an album title for DeLonge, who recently gave his multimedia company the same moniker. DeLonge says in a recent Facebook posting:

As an artist I have been fascinated by many differing mediums. Music, books, graphic novels, films, concept art etc.... I created a company called To The Stars, it is a trans-media company creating multimedia franchised art... Art and stories that can go on forever while constantly being reimagined on different mediums. We are doing a little bit of all those things at To The Stars. And we will be launching in April for the all world to see. My goal is to collaborate with some of the best artists around the world with all of us working together and doing it independently- As artists should be. I am looking to (hopefully) do my second feature film this summer. Because I like having myself some Strange Times with close friends---

While we wait to see what's to come from DeLonge's To the Stars company, you can already pre-order the To the Stars … Demos, Odds and Ends disc in a variety of bundle options at this location. Plus, the song "New World" is currently available to purchase on its own at iTunes.