Where there is injustice, Tom Morello is often there. The Rage Against the Machine guitarist great has long been an active supporter of unions and has remained politically active over the years. The guitarist's latest mission came Wednesday (July 9) in Los Angeles as he joined the picketers on the line at the Evergreen Terminal at the Port of Los Angeles.

Morello urged supporters to join him and the picketers via his social networking earlier in the week. He also added the quote, "And if you come to strip away our rights, we'll give you hell every time!"

During his time on the line Wednesday, Morello came armed with his guitar and harmonica and played The Nightwatchman's 'Union Song,' a powerful track that Morello described as "a fighting song" for his brothers and sisters on the line. The video of the performance, with Morello surrounded by some of the port's drivers, can be seen in the player above.

Morello also posted an Instagram photo from the event, in which he commented, "Spirited picket line today with #Teamsters and courageous striking port drivers in L.A. #Solid #UnionTown #DontBreakDontBend"

Morello urges fans to contribute to the Justice for Port Drivers Hardship Fund. Learn more and donate at the Labor Community Services of Los Angeles website at this location.