Tom Morello, fresh off his appearance at Chicago's National Nurses United Rally, is continuing to fight the good fight in the Midwest. His latest political crusade takes him north of the Illinois border to Wisconsin, where he's ready to revisit the state for the 'Recall Ball.'

In February 2011, Morello and some of his musical pals traveled to Madison in order to stage a rally against Governor Scott Walker, who was attempting to pass a bill that would effectively eliminate the rights of state employees to collectively bargain and thus destroy all civil servant unions.

Morello, who grew up part of a union family, wasn't one to let that slide then and he's still not. In the 20th edition of his 'The Nightwatchman Speaks' video series, he reveals that he's planning on returning to Wisconsin next month to once again rally support against Walker and his policies.

He states, "I am returning to Wisconsin and I am bringing some musician friends, but it will not be Rage Against the Machine sadly. I asked Rage and they were unable to play. So the Nightwatchman will be returning to an event called the 'Recall Ball,' which is going to be happening again. Myself and my comrade-in-arms, Tim [McIlrath] from Rise Against, will be there. Brother Ali will be playing, Street Dogs will be there, and Jackson Browne will be lending his services as well as we will be playing June 1 at the 'Recall Ball.'"

The guitar great says the focus this time is on gathering voters for their cause rather than rallying vocal support. He explains, "We'll be gathering a lot of people just to raise money, but we'll be gathering canvasers to go door-to-door. The election I believe will be decided by the turnout so we're using our efforts to get as many people in favorable communities to turn out. But I promise, Scott Walker, look out cause the Nightwatchman is back in that ass."

In his latest video session, Morello also recaps the Chicago National Nurses United Rally and expresses his views on free speech, especially where it concerns something as extreme as the Westboro Baptist Church.

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