Tremonti showed no signs of wear and tear during the final stop of their latest U.S. tour on Tuesday night (March 5) in Los Angeles. There was plenty of energy in the Roxy as the band roared through a powerful set for a packed house.

The band opened their set with the hard hitting 'All I Was' album opener 'Leave It Alone' and settled into their hard-rocking groove with 'Giving Up.' Frontman Mark Tremonti and guitarist Eric Friedman took turns throughout the night keeping the audience fully involved, whether it be through getting the crowd to clap along or asking for some vocal assistance. Of course, the latter request was at its loudest during the performance of their singles 'So You're Afraid,' 'Wish You Well' and especially on 'You Waste Your Time,' which came toward the end of their set.

Other standouts included the more melancholy track 'The Things I've Seen' and the performance of two non-album cuts -- 'All That I've Got' and 'Gone.' The former provided a mixture of Garrett Whitlock power drumming and Wolfgang Van Halen bass licks that you could feel pulsating through your body. There was also some nifty choreographed headbanging between Tremonti, Van Halen and Friedman during the performance. Meanwhile, the latter non-album track, 'Gone,' provided a rocking start to the band's encore.

With it being the final show of their tour (and likely the last performance for quite some time as Mark Tremonti moves his focus toward Alter Bridge), the frontman took the time to address his admiration and respect for his bandmate, who have become some of his best friends. At one point, he singled out Van Halen, calling him "a master" and having him lay down a quick bass solo. Friedman got plenty of love throughout the night as it was a hometown show for the guitarist. And Whitlock's ferocity behind the kit was on display throughout.

The performance wrapped with Mark Tremonti acknowledging and getting the audience to shout out that 'Brains' would be the last song of the trek. With that in mind, the band rocked the track for all it was worth as audience members pogoed and headbanged in unison with the beats. Our photo gallery from the show can be seen below.

Tremonti has already stated that Alter Bridge will take precedence for the remainder of the year, but he recently hinted that if there was a break in the schedule after recording and before touring, there might be a chance for more Tremonti shows.

Tremonti, The Roxy, Los Angeles, 3/5/13 Set List:
1. 'Leave It Alone'
2. 'Giving Up'
3. 'All I Was'
4. 'Proof'
5. 'So You're Afraid'
6. 'Doesn't Matter'
7. 'The Things I've Seen'
8. 'All That I've Got'
9. 'Wish You Well'
10. 'You Waste Your Time'
11. 'New Way Out'
12. 'Decay'

13. 'Gone'
14. 'Brains'

Tremonti Photo Gallery:

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