Trivium have unleashed ‘Built to Fall,’ the first single from their new disc, ‘In Waves.’ The album is the follow up to 2008’s ‘Shogun.’

The contrast between the song's edgy lyrics and frontman Matt Heafy’s harmonious voice makes the tune’s dark theme sound even more powerful.

‘Built to Fall’ starts off with the lyrics “You are a cancer spreading it’s wings,” which sets the mood for this very intense track.

The combination of Heafy’s melodic vocals and intense screams makes this song enjoyable yet authoritative at the same time.

What makes ‘Built to Fall’ a catchy tune is the haunting appeal of the chorus: “Take away every single pain / That infects each and every day / I will bury you once and for all/ You’re a monster, you’re built to fall.”

Heafy and Corey Beaulieu’s complicated guitar solos and riffs will leave any metal fan satisfied. Stickman Nick Agusto increases the pulse of the track with intricate and steep drum patterns.

One of the most stimulating parts of the song is Heafy’s anthemic line, “You’ve got your war against my head / Push that button, make it end.”

Trivium's 'Built to Fall' is a stellar cut that offers a powerful preview of the album 'In Waves.'

Listen to Trivium, 'Built to Fall'