Trivium fans have been waiting to see the continuation of the video for 'In Waves' in the band's new clip for current single 'Built to Fall,' and now they finally can.

Directed by Ramon Boutviseth, this beautifully crafted video for 'Built to Fall' is drained of color and brings the viewer into this hollow world. Boutviseth does an incredible job of invoking a visual intensity that is evident in the song, as well, with close up angles on the band members and nature shots.

The footage continues where the video for 'In Waves' left off. To set the scene, the band continues to wander through this frosty abyss and frontman Matt Heafy is taken prisoner and tortured by the creatures of this land. When the band finally finds Heafy, the showdown is a surprising one.

Die-hard Trivium fans can only wait to see what happens next in the upcoming installment of the band's unique storytelling vision. In an exclusive interview with Loudwire, Heafy commented on a possible future single: "I believe the talks are to go with ‘Black’ for the next single, I’m pretty sure that’s the next one."  All  of the the videos released will be part of a single narrative.

Watch the Trivium 'Built to Fall' Video